A Piece for Peace

We all face challenges in life,

we will all have to face such strife,

but it is what we do in the face of adversity,

that determines our worth, that defines our character,

So attached to transient things like reputation,

we forsake humanity,

Ignore our brethren and hope for their falter.

this sate of mine is corruption.

our hearts become hard,

our souls black as tar.

what have we become?

who have we to blame?

no-one but ourselves.

Our children must now go and face,

this vile and dangerous place.

this world we’ve created.

We become what we most hated.

Mindless destroyers.

rash and thoughtless creatures.

lacking compassion and care,

we created a world that even we fear,

how long must we stay in this state of mind?

How long will it take to realize,

we are of one body, one mind,

Do we not know love, do we not know how it feels to be loved?

too much we take for granted, too much we fail to appreciate,

how can we call ourselves humans when we lack humanity,

how can we allow ourselves to go on without what allows our existence, love,

As we fade to the darkness, I call out, I call your name.

– Romario S. Fitzgerald.


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