New Year, Same Thoughts

The Lust for that Nostalgic feeling,

Contemplation of the past,

Anticipation of the future,

Disregard for the present,

Reminiscence reminiscent of the year of last,

How repetitive its become,

this habit feels as if without it nothing would be done,

a void left unfilled, no chance to get it back until the year is once
again done,

nothing would move forward,

all progress would come to a stand still,

all your dreams would be gone,

A glimmer of ambition and hope in everyone’s eyes,

A new year,

A new dawn,

setting goals and resolutions,

but for some this dawn of new found self-realization and self
motivation is short-lived,

This should come as no surprise,

Young minds soon to mature will realize,

that which the new year brings is not just a new dawn,

it brings with it the revelation that the dawn of a new isn’t brought
by another year,

but is a state attained when one acknowledges that dawn comes
every morn,

That’s when the new year begins, whether summer, winter or fall

— Romario Fitzgerald


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