Hiking Holywell

When you take the wrong turn and end up on a rocky road to your destination, you know you’re gonna have an interesting time.

We ended up on a road..no, a path with what looks to be someone’s attempt at clearing a cliff side with a machete, though I must admit, the view and the scenery were astounding, much more beautiful than the conventional path.

A view worth the treachery of the journey.

Not long into our journey, we noticed a distinct lack of people, though this concerned us, we kept our hopes in Google Maps that it wouldn’t lead us astray.

We did have to stop a few times and get out of the van just to take some pictures, how could we not when marveling at such beautiful landscapes?

We hadn’t yet reached our destination and yet, we could hardly resist draining our batteries, but the result of that’s for later.

Nearing the end of our rocky road, we finally saw another person, he was driving a pickup, on a pathway only big enough for one vehicle to drive at a time, he saw us coming and graciously moved the side, as we were passing he smiled and nodded as if to let us know he acknowledged our struggles and was impressed we made it thus far.

This reassured us all.

We soon reached our destination, only to find out about the main road to Holywell, but our road was a road worth taking! Our gatekeeper also acknowledged our efforts and was surprised we took that path, on to the camping ground!

We drove to the site where we would eventually camp, we got there first but were a bit too tardy in securing our location, this would work out to our benefit in the end.

We waited for the rest of our party to arrive so that we could set up camp.

While we waited, we decided to go for a walk around the camping sites to check the others out, see if we could find anything better.

We were surprised to see that a lot of people were visiting, even someone I knew from my prep school days. Meaning, all the other camp sites were occupied. We did find some hiking trails as well as some cabins along the way – which we soon hoped that we had rented. We also met one of the park Rangers as well, who offered tents for rent – which once again, we would regret turning down.

We made our way back to camp to find that the rest of our party had arrived.

We started to set camp, firstly taking out the cooking equipment because we were starving.

We left those to kitchen duty and the rest of us, tried to set up a makeshift tent, and I use the word TRIED very lightly.


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